The coodination meetings one population data Gorontalo Province in preparation for the implementation of SP2020 was attended by 280 participants

The Deputy Governor of Gorontalo, Idris Rahim asked all the people of Gorontalo Province to support the successful implementation of the 2020 Population Census (SP2020).

He said this when opening a coordination meeting on one population data in the context of preparation for the implementation of SP2020, which was held by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Gorontalo Province in Maqna Hotel, Gorontalo City, Thursday.

"I ask all regents and mayors, as well as the entire community to support and ensure that SP2020 will be successfully carried out in their respective regions.  To BPS both at the provincial and district/city levels to always coordinate and collaborate so that the implementation of SP2020 can produce accurate population data," Idris Rahim said.

Idris emphasized that the data generated through SP2020 is very important for the success of development activities.  According to him, accurate data is needed in various stages of development activities, ranging from planning, monitoring, implementation, and evaluation, all of which absolutely require accurate data.

"Some time ago, President Jokowi said that the confusion of a number of data from various ministries and institutions which was one of the causes of the non optimal implementation of government policies, has become a big homework for us. Without accurate data, the success of development will not be achieved, "he stressed.

SP 2020 became the first population census in Indonesia to utilize population registration data from the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In addition, the SP2020 is also implemented online or in a network.

The online implementation of SP2020 will be held from February to March 2020, as well as the arrival of census officers to special residents' homes for residents who have not used it, which will be held in July 2020.

"Collaboration between BPS and Dukcapil has become very important, bearing in mind that this SP2020 for the first time uses a population database from Dukcapil," Idris said.

The coodination meetings one of Gorontalo Province population data in the framework of preparation for the implementation of SP2020 was attended by 280 participants consisting of provincial and district/city BPS in Gorontalo Province, provincial and district/city Dukcapil Department, and other relevant agencies.