Government's commitment to improving human resources, through improving the quality of education in Gorontalo Province

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie reminded students to stay away from drugs, alcohol and promiscuity in order to have a successful future.

This message was delivered in front of students and teachers of Gorontalo City Vocational High School 1 at an audience attended by Ramlah Habibie, Acting Head of Gorontalo Province Youth and Sports Culture Education Office, Wednesday.

"I remind my children, all students in Gorontalo to stay away from promiscuity, intoxicants, drugs and other delinquents such as the rise of wayer arrows," Rusli Habibie said.

Rusli Habibie also motivated students to continue learning and hone skills in an effort to prepare for a better future.

Today's students are future leaders who serve through expertise, abilities and skills according to their respective fields.

"Since students have the ability to be sharpened, study hard, because what will replace us later is the current generation who are diligent in learning and have good personalities," Rusli Habibie said.

Rusli Habibie also explained the commitment of the Gorontalo Province Government in improving Human Resources (HR) through improving the quality of education in Gorontalo Province.

This program is one of the 8 flagship programs.

In addition to students, Rusli Habibie also asked teachers and parents to play an important role in building the character of students.

"I prepared everything, starting from the facilities and infrastructure to raise the results of the National Examination, to free school buses, all of which was to ensure the improvement of the quality of education in Gorontalo," Rusli Habibie said.