Susi is rumored to be sitting in the chair of the president director replacing Ari Askhara.

After being removed from the ranks of the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet, the name Susi Pudjiastuti increasingly sank. The proof, the name of the boss Susi Air is missing from the Garuda Indonesia presidential candidate exchange.

Garuda Indonesia Expert Staff for Risk Management, Arista Admajati, said there was no name of the former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, in the stock exchange as a candidate for President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia Persero Tbk. In fact, previously Susi was rumored to be sitting in the chair of the president of the state-owned airline company replacing I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra or Ari Askhara.

"If Mrs. Susi seems to be withdrawn to take care of SOEs in their fields, namely fisheries," said Arista, Sunday, (12/08/2019).

Arista was quoted as saying said that there were only three names for Ari's successor candidates who had circulated among the internal companies.  The three are President Director of Angkasa Pura I Faik Fahmi, Managing Director of Citilink Indonesia Juliandra Nurtjahjo, and former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan.

Even so, Arista did not deny Susi had entered the vortex of the candidate for president director of Garuda.  Susi's name came when SOE Minister Erick Thohir said he would clean up the state-owned companies several weeks ago.

Susi's figure is much championed to handle fishing SOEs.  But it is also appropriate to be placed in a state-owned airline that needs to improve financial performance, such as Garuda Indonesia.

Susi is considered worthy of being listed on the stock exchange for prospective Garuda Indonesia boss to handle the company's inefficiency. Susi was previously proven successful in the business she has been running, namely Susi Air.