13 types of tourism businesses exist, recorded in 2018 the number of workforce reached 6,464 people

In 2020, improving industrial performance and developing human resources (HR) will be the focus of the North Kalimantan (Kaltara) Provincial Government (Pemprov).

One of them, in the tourism sector.

Regarding tourism, the Head of the Kaltara Province Tourism Office (Dispar) Ahmad Haerani said, there were a number of program activities undertaken to meet these priorities.

This is based on the results of data collection on 13 types of tourism businesses. To note, of the 13 types of tourism businesses that exist, recorded in 2018 the number of workforce reached 6,464 people.

"From the results of the data collection, there are several issues that are the focus. Among them, awareness of tourism businesses, improvement in quality and competence of human resources, as well as recognition of performance in the form of business and professional certification, "said Haerani, who was met in his office, recently.

Given that, there are 5 program activities that will be carried out by Dispar Kaltara. The 5 programs are outlined in 5 main activities for next year.

Includes, socialization of community participation in tourism development, review of governor regulations (Pergub) on standardization of tourism and hospitality tourism businesses, tourism partnership workshops, selection of tourism ambassadors and the award of dedicated tourism actors, as well as socialization and certification of tourism businesses.

"The 5 activities, the source of the budget is from the 2020 Kaltara Regional Budget (APBD) with a total value of around IDR 1.175 billion," he explained.

In addition to the Kaltara APBD, activities to improve industrial performance and develop tourism human resources are also obtained from the Deconcentration Fund sourced from the 2020 State Budget (APBN).

The total budget reaches IDR 3,432 billion.

"Meanwhile, this year in the context of increasing domestic and foreign tourist visits to Kaltara in 2020, Dispar Kaltara also carries out the Familiarization Trip (Famtrip) of Kaltara 2019," said Haerani.

Kaltara 2019 Famtrip itself, is an activity to introduce, feel and discover directly the natural and cultural wealth in Kaltara while supporting one of the Ministry of Tourism's Top 100 Calendars, namely Iraw Tengkayu.

"Famtrip is planned to be held in Tarakan City on December 20-23," concluded Haerani.