In June 2019, E-TLE was added to 12 cameras placed in the Sudirman-Thamrin area

Polda Metro Jaya launches four information technology-based public service innovations.

With this innovation, Deputy for Public Services at the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Diah Natalisa assessed that the Metro Jaya Regional Police was able to understand the needs of the community while at the same time improving and maintaining public order.

The four innovations are Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (E-TLE), HELP RENAKTA Application, Electronic Driving Test System (E-DRIVES), and SATPAM MANTAP.

"These are extraordinary innovations in the use of information technology, and are a neat collaboration between the Jakarta Metropolitan Police and the Provincial Government of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta," said Deputy Director of Public Services at the PANRB Ministry Diah Natalisa in the launching of the E-TLE Development Program, E-DRIVES, APPLICATION OF MANTAP SECURITY, and HELP RENAKTA Application, in Jakarta, Thursday.

Diah hopes that this innovation can inspire other public service units to make inroads in improving services.

"Hopefully it can inspire others. All Indonesian people can also feel the benefits and safety of Polri services," she said.

For the achievements of the Jakarta Police, Police Chief General (Pol) Idham Aziz expressed his appreciation for various parties who contributed so that the innovation could be realized.

He hopes these breakthroughs can be transmitted and implemented well.  "I have asked the Traffic Corps, so that this E-TLE can be carried out in ten major cities throughout Indonesia," he added.

On the same occasion, Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General. Pol. Gatot Eddy Pramono explained four public service innovations that were launched.

Gatot said that initially there were only two E-TLEs installed with the ability to take pictures of violations of road markings or traffic signs.  In June 2019, E-TLE was added to 12 cameras placed in the Sudirman-Thamrin area.

Not only for recording violations of road markings and running red lights but also for violations of the use of communication devices while driving, violations not using safety belts, and violations of traffic restrictions with an even odd system.

"Even who is in the car can be seen," Gatot explained.

It is said, E-TLE continues to be developed in collaboration with State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD). At present E-TLE synergizes with Trans Jakarta by installing it on the busway lane.

This was done to sterilize the Trans Jakarta lane by cracking down on motorists who broke through the busway lane.

The E-TLE installation is also developed on toll roads, using the vehicle warning system feature to detect vehicles with suspected Motor Vehicle Number Signs or related to criminal acts or the results of criminal actions.  Not only installed on road sections, E-TLE can also be used by traffic officers.

This development is called Bodycamp which is a portable camera with superior features such as GPS, two way talk, and panic button.

Polda Metro Jaya also innovates in providing online-based reporting services through the HELP RENAKTA application.  This application is for preventing violence against women and children, handling case reporting, and improving assistance services for women and children victims of violence.

"With this application children and women who become victims can get legal counseling, and if you press the panic button, the police or the closest integrated team will provide services to these victims," ‚Äč‚Äčexplained Gatot.

Another public service innovation is the Electronic Driving Test System (E-DRIVES) which is a practice test system for Driving License (SIM) A and C automatically and simultaneously.

Through E-DRIVES, the SIM test assessment is carried out from conventional to electronic so that the practice test assessment is more transparent and accountable. The test results can be seen by examiners in the field that are integrated through tablets and monitor screens that can be seen directly by the examinees.

Polda Metro Jaya also innovates in the community police sector through the SATPAM MANTAP application. This application records security guards members who are already trained and have certificates. Also through this application the closeness between the Police and security guards will be even closer.

Meanwhile, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan expressed his support for the success of all these innovations. He said that the realization of innovation is the result of joint work.

"Because what is entrusted to us is the constitutional mandate that this is the budget of the people instructed us to carry out in the interests of the people," he concluded

In the event, Polda Metro Jaya also won an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) thanks to the SATPAM MANTAP application. The MURI record award was given by MURI founder Jaya Suprana to the Gatot Regional Police Chief.