Every ASN must hold firmly to religiosity, ethics and morals

Acting Secretary Pj Barsel Syahrani appealed to be in accordance with the duties of the civil servants of the state civil service/aparatur sipil negara (ASN) prioritizing the interests of the people.

Every ASN must hold firmly on religiosity, ethics and morals, said the Secretary, then deviations in carrying out their duties can be minimized.

Wednesday, December 4 Syahrani said, "I ask ASN to always have to prioritize the spirit of service to the community based on moral ethics, behavior and faith in God Almighty."

He concluded, "May be with logic as long as it does not deviate from the rules."  so that ASN does not work with logic, he advised.

He asked again, "Therefore, civil servants are expected to continuously try as much as possible to portray themselves as executors of the regulations and provide excellent service to the community."

He stated "Being an ASN, of course all government systems and regulations must be obeyed and obeyed".

With the consistency of the laws and regulations, it can carry out its duties optimally, according to Syahrani.

Because every work carried out, everything has rules that govern "he explained.  In order for ASN to be able to obey all the rules in advance, the Secretary again appealed and hoped.