This award is for all levels of the Ministry of Finance who have worked hard well and optimally

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati received the award as Best Minister 2019 at the 2019 CNBC Indonesia Award in Jakarta.

She said that the award was actually the result of joint work of all elements of the Government.

"Thank you for the award that has been given. This award is also an award for the leadership of Mr. President Jokowi and Mr. Vice President Jusuf Kala along with all levels of the Minister of Government Cabinet for the team work that for the past 5 years has worked well together, and then continued  with the current administration of President Jokowi and Mr Maruf Amin," said Sri Mulyani.

On that occasion, Sri Mulyani said that the award was also intended for all levels of the Ministry of Finance who had worked hard well and optimally so that they could produce policies that could answer the challenges of changing times.

In addition, at the event CNBC also gave an award to the Ministry of Finance as the Best Ministry for being able to issue policies and manage the Indonesian economy well in 2019 even though it was overshadowed by uncertainty of world economic conditions and global weakness.

At the award ceremony entitled "Welcoming Indonesia Rising 2020", Sri Mulyani also said that by continuing to protect Indonesia's economy, she was confident that Indonesia was ready to welcome the rise and optimism in 2020.

For information, this event is an awards and performance appreciation event that has been achieved by economic and business actors during 2019.

The award is not only given to corporations and business entities, but also to individuals who are inspiring in leading their institutions.