Rocky even said that Jokowi did not understand the values ​​of Pancasila.

Rocky Gerung made a scene again. The former UI philosophy lecturer said President Jokowi did not understand Pancasila values, but only memorized the five basic precepts of the country.

Dini Shanti Purwono's President Special Staff chose to respond to the accusation.  According to him, there was no substance to respond to Rocky's statement.

"There is no point in us responding. So let each of us have their own opinions," Dini said when confirmed, Wednesday (4/12).

Dini said that the people themselves would later assess Rocky's statement.

"What is right and what is wrong. Which is truly nationalist and doing for this country, which only looks for the stage and only thinks of himself or his own group," she said.

Previously, in the ILC TvOne program as reported by CNN Indonesia, Rocky said there was no Pancasilais. Rocky even said Jokowi did not understand the values ​​of Pancasila, but only memorized the five basic precepts of the country.

"So once again, the Pancasila police or the President do not understand Pancasila, he memorizes but does not understand. If he understands he does not owe, if he understands he does not raise BPJS, if he understands he does not violate the Environmental Law," said Rocky.

Rocky's accusation was received by the Special Staff of the Steering Committee of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP) Father Benny Susetyo. He said, Rocky made a hyperbole statement by saying Jokowi did not understand Pancasila.

Benny rate Rocky is rhetorical to attract attention and get the stage.

"Rocky Gerung has always been in communication theories, always saying hyperbole. Bringing up something that he actually doesn't understand," Benny said when confirmed, Wednesday (4/12).

"So he only made it with rhetoric. Just to get attention, get a stage, but there is no substance to what was said," he said.

In contrast to the Palace's attitude, PDIP intervened by planning to report Rocky to the police. As a result of Rocky's statement, PDIP politician Junimart Girsang threatened to report the Democratic Education Association (P2D) researcher.

Junimart has not stated when to report Rocky. He admitted that he was still coordinating with the PDI-P ranks to do the reporting. "This is still coordinating communication with the DPP PDIP," he concluded.