The villages in Malinau Regency have existed since the days before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia

Malinau Regency is one of the districts in North Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.  Malinau Regency consists of 15 subdistricts and 109 villages, with an area of ​​42,620.70 km².

As we all know that recently Indonesia has been stirred up with news about fictitious villages or stealth villages.  Several provinces in Indonesia were affected by the news.  No exception in Malinau District.

In response to this the Malinau District Government through the Community and Village Empowerment Agency (PMD) emphasized that there were no fictitious or stealth villages in Malinau District.

"The villages in Malinau Regency have existed since the days before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia," said Padan Impung, S.Pd., MM as the Head of the PMD Service.

This is reinforced by the applicable laws and regulations as follows: First, in CHAPTER III of Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages which regulates village structuring including the formation, deletion, merger, change of status and determination of villages.

In the law it is explained that the formation of villages is regulated based on the number of residents that can be proposed in the formation of villages, especially in the North Kalimantan region, which has at least 1,500 people or 300 households.

Head of PMD Padan Impung, S.Pd., MM emphasized that the village in the Malinau Regency was formed before Law Number 6 of 2014 Number 6 of 2014.

In CHAPTER XV the transition provisions of Law Number 6 of 2014 Article 116 paragraph 1 explained that villages that existed before this law came into force were still recognized as villages. "With the enactment of this law Malinau Regency does not form new villages," he stressed.

Secondly, based on Permendagri Number 137 Year 2017 Concerning Code and Data of the Government Administration Area which is the identity of the government administrative region containing figures in representing the administrative areas of the provincial, regency/city, sub-district and village governments as listed in the annex attached to code 65.02 stated that in Malinau District there were 15 sub-districts and 109 villages with an area of ​​42,620.70 km2.

Third, Decree of the Director General of Village Community Development and Empowerment Number 201 Year 2019 Concerning the Status of Village Progress and Independence, especially in Malinau Regency in 2019, out of 109 villages in Malinau District with the Village Development Index (IDM) it was noted that there were 24 villages included in the very category  underdeveloped, 40 underdeveloped category villages, 36 underdeveloped category villages, 6 underdeveloped category villages and 3 independent villages.

From this data it is clear that Malinau District has 109 villages.

Fourth, in terms of supervision, guidance and empowerment of village communities. The local government through the Office of Community and Village Empowerment collaborates with related agencies, vertical agencies and with partners such as the Village Community Development and Empowerment Participation Institute (LP3MD) of Malinau District and Professional Assistance Program for Village Community Development and Empowerment (PM3D).

This collaboration is very important to see first hand the situation and condition of villages in the region, especially Malinau Regency.

In accordance with the provisions and explanations submitted, then once again the Head of the Community Empowerment and Padan Impung Village, S.Pd., MM emphasized that there were no fictitious or stealth villages in the Malinau District area.  

He added that further explanations related to information on this village could contact the authorities in this case the Department of Community Empowerment and the Village of Malinau District.