In the city of Solo there are 82 processed dog stalls

Dog Meet Free Indonesia presents data on 13,700 dogs slaughtered in Solo Raya for meat consumption.  Especially for the city of Surakarta, the city with the highest level of consumption, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo instructed the local government to make strict prohibition rules.

"We must encourage the Solo City Government to make strict rules, the DPRD has made regulations that prohibit people from eating or selling dog meat," Ganjar said, when receiving a Free Indonesian Dog Meet on Tuesday.

The governor stressed, dogs are not animals for consumption. Even that right has also been regulated in legislation, namely Law No. 18 of 2012 concerning Food, precisely Article (1) which says dogs are not included in food consumption, because it is not a biological source of livestock, forestry or other types of products.

"The law also does not allow.  For example, some districts have initiated banning, others have followed suit.  Later, the head of my office will summon the relevant agencies," he explained.

Then how is the sociological condition?  Ganjar invites people who already opened processed dog meat stalls to switch. For those who are accustomed to consuming, there is still a lot of better meat with guaranteed quality.

"Eat meat that is fit for consumption. Cattle are better, chicken is better.  Later the danger is rabies and this will be rampant.  That's what I think dog-eating communities need to be aware of," he said.

Coordinator of Dog Meet Free Indonesia (DMFI), Karin Franken, said that the high circulation of processed dog meat in Central Java is indeed dominated by Solo Raya.

Data from his party said more than a hundred processed dog stalls were there. In the city of Solo alone there are 82 stalls.

Meanwhile, to meet these needs every month as many as 13,700 dogs are slaughtered in the region with the main supplier is West Java which incidentally has not been free from rabies.

Even though since 1995 in Central Java no more rabies cases have been found.  Seeing these developments the Ministry of Agriculture finally issued a decree Number 892/City/TN.560/9/1997 stating that Central Java is free of rabies.

This status is now threatened because consumption of Rabies Carrier in Central Java, one of which is dogs, is quite high.

"The current condition is that many (dogs) have been sent to Central Java. So we ask the government to take quick steps to stop consumption, Salatiga, Semarang, Solo, Sukoharjo, Sragen. Solo at most. In addition to meat consumption, the means of transportation also triggers rabies," he said.