Maluku ranks 10th out of ten provinces with the highest AIDS cases per 100,000 population

The Governor of Maluku, Drs. Murad Ismail invited all parties to work together with the Provincial Government of Maluku to save the people of Maluku from the endemic threat of the deadly disease of HIV-AIDS.

"Let's set our intention and determination to work together to save the people of Maluku, both the young generation, housewives and children from the endemic threat of HIV-AIDS," the invitation was conveyed by the Governor of Maluku in his remarks delivered by the Acting Secretary of Maluku, Kasrul Selang on  Commemoration of World AIDS Day (HAS) in 2019, which was centered on Pattimura Park Field on Saturday.

Also attending the event, Maluku Province PKK Movers Team Leader, Widya Pratiwi Murad Ismail, Acting Assistant II of Maluku Regional Secretariat, Frona Koedoeboen, Head of Maluku Province Women's and Children's Empowerment Agency, Megi Samson, religious leaders, community leaders, AIDS Concern Community, Network PLWHA (People with HIV-AIDS) and Key Populations.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health for the 4th Quarter of 2017, the governor said, Maluku ranks 10th out of ten provinces with the highest AIDS cases per 100,000 population or AIDS case rate with a case rate of 35.25 per 100,000 population.

"I invite all levels of society to succeed in achieving the" Triple Elimination "of HIV-AIDS in 2030. That is, first, there are no more new HIV infections. Second, there are no more deaths due to AIDS and third, there is no more stigma and discrimination against PLWHA," the governor warned.

It is said, the ideals to achieve three zeros by 2030 cannot be achieved without cross-program and cross-agency and community support.

In addition, success can also be realized with the support of access to high-quality health services, prevention efforts, assistance and support as well as without stigma and discrimination.

To that end, in the momentum of World AIDS Day Commemoration in 2019, the former Commander of the National Police Mobile Brigade said several things to be of mutual concern.

Meanwhile, the commitment to end the HIV-AIDS epidemic by 2030 in Maluku Province, it requires strong support from various parties, governments, HIV-AIDS observers community and all components of society, community leaders, religious leaders, youth, women's organizations, academics according  respective tasks and functions.

"The stigma and discrimination against PLWHA is still high, so mobilization is needed to disseminate correct information about HIV-AIDS," said the governor.

Not only that, the governor added, community systems and key population organizations need to play an active role in optimally reaching and assisting key populations.

Then, access to health services that still needs to be strengthened and expanded service coverage from available service centers.

"In addition, the implementation of HIV-AIDS prevention programs in districts/cities needs to be strengthened by the formation of institutional Secretariat/HIV-AIDS Control Teams at the district/city level," he said.

The Governor also expressed his gratitude to all parties who had collaborated together.

"I express my appreciation and thanks to all government agencies, business entities, community organizations, key population networks and communities who have supported World AIDS Day Commemoration activities in 2019 and all mitigation efforts in Maluku Province," said the governor.

On that occasion, the Chairperson of the Maluku Province TP PKK also handed over a trophy to participants of the World AIDS yells contest. Where, 1st place was won by Bhayangkari Maluku Team, 2nd place was Denkav XVI/Pattimutlra Team, 3rd place was Team of PKK Maluku Province TP.