A good election will be carried out because citizens can use their voting rights well and healthily

Ahead of 2020 Regional Election (Pilkada) 2020, Semarang Regency Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) continues to intensify antipolitic socialization.  Not only that, the public was also asked to avoid spreading false news and hate speech on social media.

"We hope that all citizens reject money politics, avoid the spread of hoaks and expressions of hatred on social media and other media," said Semarang Regency Head of Bawaslu M Talkhis, while reading the pledge at the Culture of Local Election Socialization event with integrity, in Tambakboyo Square, Ambarawa, Sunday, noon

Participating in the vow of anti-money politics, hoaxes and expressions of hatred was Semarang Regent Deputy Ngesti Nugraha, Coordinator of the Public Relations and Interagency Relations Division of Central Java Bawaslu M. Rofiudin, commissioners of the Semarang Regency Bawaslu, representatives of religious and community leaders, sub-district heads and other invitees.

The Cultural Title program features drumblek shows, new dance creations and blind drumming from local art groups.  There are also interfaith prayers by representatives of five religions and Kong Hu Chu.

Talkhis revealed, the cultural title held by Bawaslu was an important step in creating a clean, honest and integrity regional election.

"The responsibility for election control is in the hands of all of us. Residents must remind and supervise each other so that no one is caught in an election crime, or any other criminal related to the election, "he said.

It was explained, his side deliberately took the artists who were considered effective to campaign for resistance to money politics. At the same time provide wider space for them to show their work.

Talkhis also gave an appreciation to the Semarang Regency Government which fully supports the 2020 Pilkada budget submission without a single rupiah correction.  This has become one of the best supports from the Regency/City Government in Central Java.

Meanwhile, Central Java Bawaslu member M Rofiudin reminded residents and election organizers to be aware of the phenomena of money, hoax and SARA politics.  This includes the neutrality of civil servants who must be maintained and monitored.

"So that a good election will be carried out because citizens can use their voting rights well and healthy," he said.

The former journalist invited residents to report alleged election violations, via whatsapp message on number 08112777423. Vice Regent Ngesti Nugraha also reminded residents to actively participate in the upcoming elections.

"Semarang Regency Government allocates funds of IDR 63.5 billion for the upcoming local elections. So residents are encouraged to support their smoothness so as to bring good results for regional development," he concluded.