Regency/City MSEs with the amounts listed on the Decree of the Governor, began to be paid on January 1, 2020.

The Regional Government of West Java Province stipulates the Decree of the Governor of West Java No. 561/Kep.983-Yanbangsos/2019 concerning Regency/City Minimum Wages in West Java Province in 2020 dated December 1, 2019.

The Decree also revoked and stated that the Circular Letter (SE) of the Governor of West Java No. 561/75/Yanbangsos dated November 21, 2019 regarding the Implementation of Regency/ CityMinimum Wages in West Java Province in 2020.

Head of Law and Human Rights Bureau of Regional Secretariat West Java Province, Eni Rohyani, said that the stipulation of the Governor's Decree which contained nine points of this stipulation contained the partiality of the Provincial Government. West Java against all exponents of society, both employers and workers in the public sector and labor intensive.

"(At one point) There is an emphasis that employers including labor-intensive industries that cannot afford wages according to the MSE, can make bipartite agreements with supervision and approval from the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office," she said in Bandung, Sunday (1/12/19).

Eni said that the Regency/City MSEs with the amounts listed on the Governor's Decree began to be paid on January 1, 2020.

The following is a complete list of UMK 2020 based on West Java Governor Decree No. 561/Kep.983-Yanbangsos/2019 in all regencies/cities in West Java, with the amount still the same as stated in SE:

 1. Karawang Regency IDR 4,594,324.54
 2. Bekasi City IDR 4,589,708.90
 3. Bekasi Regency IDR 4,498,961,51
 4. The city of Depok IDR 4,202,105.87
 5. Bogor City IDR 4,169,806,58
 6. Bogor Regency IDR 4,083,670.00
 7. Purwakarta Regency IDR 4,039,067.66
 8. City of Bandung IDR 3,623,778.91
 9. West Bandung Regency IDR 3,145,427.79
 10. Sumedang Regency IDR  3,139,275.37
 11. Bandung Regency IDR 3,139,275.37
 12. Cimahi City IDR 3,139,274.74
 13. Sukabumi Regency IDR 3,028,531.71
 14. Subang Regency IDR 2,965,468.00
 15. Cianjur Regency IDR  2,534,798.99
 16. Sukabumi City IDR 2,530,182.63
 17. Indramayu Regency IDR 2,297,931.11
 18. City of Tasikmalaya IDR 2,264,093.28
 19. Tasikmalaya Regency IDR 2,251,787.92
 20. Cirebon City IDR 2,219,487.67
 21. Cirebon Regency IDR 2,196,416.09
 22. Garut Regency IDR 1,961,085.70
 23. Regency of Majalengka IDR 1,944,166.36
 24. Kuningan Regency IDR  1,882,642.36
 25. Ciamis Regency IDR 1,880,654,54
 26. Pangandaran Regency IDR 1,860,591.33
 27. Banjar City IDR 1,831,884.83.

Previously, Head of the West Java Provincial Manpower and Transmigration Office, Mochamad Ade Afriandi, all MSEs were in line with the Wages Council's consideration.

"All demands (union) are also included in the plenary, and finally the Wage Council refers to the recommendation of the regent/mayor to use the ministerial circular (manpower) circular," Ade said on the JAPRI agenda related to UMK 2020 Jabar/City in Gedung Sate Bandung City, Friday (11/22/19).

As for previously, the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia decided that the 2020 Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) rose 8.51 percent referring to inflation and national economic growth.