Effective protection is to prevent problems before they arise

The protection of Indonesian citizens abroad is the duty of all components of the nation. Not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not only the Government. Indonesian Deputy Foreign Minister Mahendra Siregar delivered the message when opening the Safe Travel Fest 2019 with the theme "Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Trip" at Kasablanka City Mall, Jakarta, on 27 November-1 December 2019.

"Let's continue the commitment of collaboration across sectors, government and non-government, and all stakeholders, to improve the safety of Indonesian citizens abroad," said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Siregar.

The Deputy Minister also invited all involved in protective efforts to change the mindset, "Effective protection is to prevent before problems arise, place citizens not only as objects but also subjects of protection, and empower citizens to actively take preventative measures as a form of self-protection.

The message underlies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out digital innovation as a community empowerment platform. The platform is called Safe Travel.

Safe Travel Fest activities take the tagline "Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Trip" and become a means for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to campaign for the use of the Safe Travel application for trips abroad safely and comfortably.

During the Safe Travel Fest 2019, various thematic talk shows were held which presented many parties related to overseas travel such as travel influencers, umrah travel agent associations, to foreign embassies, with talk show themes that were no less interesting such as foreign country visa policies, deposit services (jastip), financial literacy for traveling, studying abroad, traveling for women, Umrah and Hajj, and other interesting issues surrounding traveling abroad that are safe and comfortable.

Also provided a thematic booth of the world region to accommodate visitors for selfies, as well as a variety of attractive door prizes for visitors who have downloaded the Safe Travel application.

As a means of realizing the protection of Indonesian citizens who are one of the priorities of Indonesia's foreign politics, the Safe Travel Fest 2019 is expected to increase the awareness of the Indonesian people about how to travel safely and comfortably abroad.

In addition, the Safe Travel application prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to be utilized by Indonesian travelers as well as an instrument to protect Indonesian citizens who ensure the presence of the country not only physically but also digitally.