Agricultural commodities which are currently being exported are bananas

The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of North Kalimantan plans to strengthen exports of agricultural commodities.  This assertion was conveyed by the Head of the Kaltara Kalpara Agriculture and Food Security Office, Andi Santiaji Pananrangi at the 64th Edition Kaltara Response Talkshow at Kedai 99 Jalan Lembasung, Thursday.

One of the first steps that must be done, said Andi Santiaji, is to strengthen institutions for farmers.  According to him, although the export of agricultural commodities is quite high in Kaltara, farmers also have to carry out periodic land maintenance until post-harvest.

This, can maintain the quality of agricultural products produced. "So that when the quality is exported is really maintained," he said.

Agricultural commodities which are currently being exported are bananas.  Andi Santiaji explained, bananas have the potential to be developed in all regions of Kaltara.

It's just that the distribution is still quite convoluted so that the results of the farm can be marketed overseas such as Malaysia.

To speed up the distribution process, the Provincial Government (Kaltara DPKP) together with Tarakan Class II Quarantine Agency agencies, will discuss this at the Malaysian Indonesian Social Economic meeting (Sosek Malindo).

Where the distribution process will be shortened, so exports of agricultural commodities such as bananas can be directly from this youngest province.

"We will talk about this with Malindo Social Sciences.  Our obstacle is a mode of transportation that currently does not meet international standards.  We will work to make that happen soon. Where this will have a direct positive impact on farmers, "he explained.

In addition, agricultural extension workers also have an important role.  Extension agents in each region can determine suitable commodities, starting from the location to financing.

As is known, on the same day an Agriculture Workshop was held which involved 45 agricultural extension workers from regencies/cities in Kaltara. "I want this done seriously, mature and not half measures," he explained.

Kaltara is also included in the 13 provinces designated as executors of the Strategic Agricultural Development Command (Kostratani) program.  Where he was tasked to develop the agricultural sector centered at the Agricultural Counseling Center (BPP) at the district level.

"The target and location distribution of Kostratani activities in North Kalimantan Province are 11 BPP, namely in Bulungan 2 BPP Regency, Nunukan Regency 5 BPP, and Malinau Regency 4 BPP," Santiaji said.

In line with that, Head of Tarakan City Class II Quarantine Center, Akhmad Alfaraby revealed, his party would also be more selective in maintaining the quality of agricultural commodity exports in Kaltara by certifying its agricultural products.

"This is a routine we do, in order to maintain the quality of the goods we will send to the international market, also to ensure the health of goods from abroad that enter Indonesia," he explained.