Ahok is a graduate in Geological Engineering at Trisakti University

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok was officially appointed as President Commissioner of PT Pertamina. Ahok will be accompanied by Deputy Minister of SOEs, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, who is also the Deputy Commissioner of Pertamina.

Before entering Pertamina, Ahok apparently had been involved in the mining world. Even the former DKI Jakarta Governor had founded a mining company before it was finally closed.

Quoted from the book The Traces of Leaders (2014), after becoming a graduate in Geological Engineering from Trisakti University, Ahok decided to follow in his father's footsteps of being a businessman.

In 1989, he returned home to Belitung and founded CV Panda. The company is engaged in mining, as a contractor of PT Timah.

During his two years as a contractor, Ahok dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in the greater development field.

However, he was aware that to become a mineral processor, large capital and professional management were needed.

For this reason, he returned to Jakarta and took his Masters in financial management at Prasetia Mulya College of Management.

After earning a Master of Management (MM) degree, Ahok was accepted to work at PT Simaxindo Primadya in Jakarta.  The company is engaged in contracting the construction of power plants.

Ahok serves as the staff director in the field of project cost and financial analysis. However, shortly, Ahok wanted to expand his business in Belitung so he stopped working and returned home in 1992.

In 1992, Ahok founded PT Nurinda Ekapersada.  The company was founded in preparation for building a Gravel Pack Sand (GPS) factory in 1995.

The factory in question is located in Burung Mandi Hamlet, Mengkubang Village, Manggar, East Belitung. Ahok dreamed that the factory would become a pilot so that the business could benefit the shareholders, employees and surrounding residents.

With the help of various people, the first quartz sand processing plant on Belitung Island was founded in 1994.

Ahok chose to use technology from the United States and Germany for its operations. He wants his company to be able to start the growth of an integrated industrial estate and ocean port with the name of the Kelik Water Industrial Estate (KIAK).

Unfortunately, the pace was stopped in 1995. The Ahok factory was closed by the government. Ahok claimed there were individuals from the Ministry of Forestry who issued protected forest certificates on his mining land.

Suddenly, the Ahok mining company was closed.  This event finally made Ahok intend to become an official.  Because, he continued, entrepreneurs cannot fight government policies.


Ahok began to wrestle politics after his business ran aground. He even once held an important position in the government before sitting as Deputy Governor and Governor of DKI Jakarta.

The first position is the regent of East Belitung. He assumed that position in the period 2005-2010. In 2006, he decided to leave his post to run for the 2007 election of the Governor of the Pacific Islands.

Unfortunately, Ahok was less fortunate in the democratic party. In the election he was defeated by his rival Eko Maulana Ali.

Ahok then successfully became a member of the House of Representatives by winning 119,232 votes. In this DPR the name is known.

While in the House of Representatives, Ahok created new standards for board members with regard to transparency, professionalism, and the spirit of anti-corruption. He did this standard by pioneering reports on the work activities of the DPR both in the process of discussing the law and in various work visits.

All work reports can be accessed through the website. Not yet finished carrying out his duties as a member of Parliament, Ahok then decided to swerve.

He received an award as an anticorruption figure from the state organizers of the Three Pillars of the Partnership Movement. The movement consisted of the Indonesian Transparency Society, Kadin, and the State Ministry for Administrative Reform.

The award was given because he was considered successful in suppressing the corrupt nature of local officials. In addition, he also received an anti-corruption award from the Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award in 2013.

He received the award for his efforts to open the DKI budget line report for review.  However, in the midst of these glorious achievements, Ahok also had a legal problem related to the blasphemy case.

The statement finally made Ahok have to deal with legal issues.  As a result of this statement a number of elements of the community reported it to the police on charges of blasphemy.

As a result of the report, the North Jakarta District Court sentenced him to two years in prison.  Ahok was free in early 2019.

After being released from prison, Ahok then entered the PDI-P. And now he was elected as Pertamina's chief commissioner. Ahok was already asked to release his position at PDIP.