Anies who uses complete official clothing is changed like using makeup like the face of a Joker fictional character.

Member of the Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD) Fahira Idris reported communication expert Ade Armando related to meme uploads in the form of a photo of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan on his facebook account.

In the upload, it is seen Anies who uses complete official clothing changed like using makeup like the face of a Joker fictional character. The meme is also accompanied by a sentence which reads 'Evil Governor Starting with the Fired Minister'.

The report was posted by Fahira at the Metro Jaya Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) on Friday (1/11) night. The senator from Jakarta claimed she just saw the upload today.

"The photo (uploaded) on Ade Armando's Facebook page is a photo of Governor Anies Baswedan which is a document owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government or publicly suspected to be converted into a photo like a Joker (figure)," Fahira told reporters at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police on Friday (1/11)


"This is what surprised me. It can be seen clearly, this is on Facebook Ade Armando's brother. This is a photo of the DKI Governor who is wearing his official dress and this is owned by the Provincial Government, public property is changed like a joker with words or narration that leads to defamation of names  good," he added.

Fahira explained, the figure he reported had admitted that the Joker version of Anies's meme was his upload. But the picture is not the work of Ade, but the work of others.

Nevertheless, according to Fahira, Ade violated the law by defaming someone. Moreover, the figure is the number one person in the capital city.

Fahira also revealed that Ade is a figure who is often a suspect and reported by various parties. This prompted him to take legal action, so that the case could be resolved.

"I am doing this reporting because I am sure, especially today that Mr Idham Azis was appointed. I have optimism, believing that the legal corridor is the only way we must take if we see allegations of violations of the law," she explained.

The report is registered in report number LP/7057/XI/2019/ PMJ/Dit. Reskrimsus, November 1, 2019. Ade was alleged by Article 32 Paragraph 1 Jo Article 48 paragraph 1 of Law Number 19 Year 2016 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions.

Previously, Anies had indeed become a conversation in the world of social media due to a number of issues that were rolling in the capital. A number of DKI's budgets have become polemic and become a byword among the people.

Related to this, Anies said that there was a problem in the budgeting system in DKI Jakarta or what is commonly referred to as e-budgeting. He mentioned that the e-budgeting system did not have a budget verification pattern.