The name BJ Habibie is already well known not only in Indonesia but internationally

PT West Java International Airport/Bandara International Jawa Barat (BIJB) does not mind if the airport's name is changed to BJ Habibie International Airport.

As stated by Vice President of PT BIJB Agus Sugeng Widodo in Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, Friday (09/20/2019).

According to him, if the people of Majalengka and the West Java Provincial Government wanted to change the name of the BIJB Airport to BJ Habibie Airport, PT BIJB would support it.

"If we (PT BIJB) agree, what matters is that the Provincial Government (West Java) and the community support the change of name, I think we are also happy," Agus said.

Agus explained, BJ Habibie's name was already known not only in Indonesia but also in the international community recognizing aerospace technology created by the third President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Agus added that BJ Habibie was born in Pare-Pare in South Sulawesi and had lived in Bandung for a long time.

"With the name BJ Habibie, who is already famous in the world of eating, it will be easier to socialize the name of this airport later," he explained.